• The VERY BEST program available for increasing jumping ability. You will increase your vertical without the risk of TENDONITIS due to OVERTRAINING. This program analyzes jumping from a scientific point of view and outlines what works the best and WHY.
    The Science of Jumping program fully describes and illustrates the optimal technique needed to generate maximum upward speed. The complete program includes the 104 page book and 1 hour digitally mastered video.

    3D computer animations, slow motion and freeze frame are used to visually explain optimal exercise techniques.

  • You will LEARN

  • How to trick your nervous system into adding 500 lbs or more of UPWARD FORCE into your jumps

  • A nervous system reflex that is essential in jumping and how to use it to radically improve your jumping ability

  • A detailed breakdown of the optimal one legged jump technique using slow motion and freeze frame

    A detailed breakdown of the optimal two legged jump technique using 3D computer animations, slow motion, and freeze frame
    How to keep your balance during jump spins

    Seven advanced exercises with a detailed breakdown of each one using slow motion and freeze frame. The advanced exercises enable you to create a limitless amount of different training routines to keep stimulating progress at advanced levels

    A visual explanation of the 3 phases of muscular tensions used in a jump utilizing 3D computer animations, slow motion, and freeze frame
    An illustrated graphic breakdown of how vertical progress is made over time

    Advice for real young athletes - 10 yrs of age or younger
    What determines how high you jump according to the laws of physics

    How to avoid debilitating tendonitis
    What the "Power Equation" is and what it means to jumping

    Why some very popular jump training exercises don't work as well as the exercises in The Science of Jumping program and WHY
    How to make your own high quality medicine ball for only $10.00

We are SO confident that you will find our products to be the absolute best for increasing jumping ability, strength, flexibility, speed, and fat loss that we backed each product with a 90 day Money Back Guarantee*. If you are not convinced that our programs are the BEST you have ever used, you can return them for a full refund (less S&H).

$29.99 ($5.95 S&H)

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