• John Bezerra earned his Bodybuilder Pro Card in 1994 and has also been a successful personal trainer for over 16 years.  He is a world class expert at body transformation and trains his clients to make their bodies look exactly the way they desire.  When it comes to losing pure body fat, John Bezerra is living  living proof of how to get super lean in minimum time.  In his professional body building contests, John has been down to 1% body fat*.

    *On the skin caliper test.  Bod Pod equipment and water submersion tests often times yield higher and more accurate body fat results primarily because they include the vital fat insulation around internal organ tissue into the calculation.  However, even water submersion tests are not exactly accurate all the time because the stomach can have air pockets inside of it that slightly alter the water submersion results.  We've even heard of negative body fat being measured by water submersion tests, which is obviously impossible.  Bod Pod and water submersion tests are expensive and therefore not used as much as the the skin caliper test in the fitness industry.

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