• Mike Dulaney is the product of Strength Through Science's athletic training programs. In his freshman year in college, Mike could barely get above the rim on a two footed jump. As a kinesiology major in college, Mike immediately became fascinated with the science of sports performance. After becoming educated on the ideal mechanics of jumping and how to generate maximum power and upward speed, Mike piled 10 inches on his vertical and acquired the nickname "The Elevator". At 6'4", the elevator can touch the top of the bank shot square on the backboard at 11'4" high!

    At Cal Lutheran University he was elected as 1st team all conference all star, and team captain in both his junior and senior years.  The Elevator now plays pro basketball in Europe and is on the European Elite League All Star team.  During the off season, Mike plays in Summer Pro Leagues in California and lights up the sky with his explosive, rim rattling Slams.  The Elevator is a world class jumper and truly illustrates the massive progress a jumper can make if they train intelligently.

    Mike "The Elevator" Dulaney has a Bachelor of Science degree in Kinesiology and is certified as a personal trainer.  "The Elevator" is a product of Strength Through Science and represents what an athlete can achieve with intelligent training. We are proud to have Mike Dulaney aboard team STS.

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