• Tom Butler is the founder and creator of Strength Through Science (STS). As a college basketball strength coach, Tom Butler revolutionized the world of jump training, having many of his athletes increase over 10 inches on their vertical jumps.

    He has a 2nd degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do, a 1st degree black belt in Kempo Karate, and a purple belt in Rickson Gracie Jiu Jitsu. In 1997 he became the blue belt masters unlimited weight class Rickson Gracie Jiu Jitsu World Champion. Tom Butler started strength training on his 10th birthday when he received his first weight set as a birthday present. With over 30 years of strength training experience, he achieved a 400 lb. bench and a 500 lb. dead lift. In his own words:

    "As a strength coach, I realize that my success is truly measured by the performance improvements made by my athletes. My team of doctors, coaches, and I have spent many years researching the most effective training methods to enhance athletic ability.

    Many people ask me how and why I became so obsessed with strength, flexibility, and physical performance. You could say it was inspiration through desperation. A tragic accident had almost left me crippled for life. On June 25th, 1990, at 9:00 a.m., I had my legs torn off in a near fatal motorcycle accident. I suffered multiple compound fractures of the tibia and fibula, multiple segmental fractures of the femur, and a crushed patella. My bones literally tore through my skin. The doctors told me that I may never walk again. Through the course of many complex reconstructive surgeries, Dr. Erick Johnson, Chief of Trauma Reconstructive Surgery at the UCLA Medical Center, bolted my legs back onto my body. My left kneecap had to be amputated during my 6th surgery. I underwent a total of 7 surgeries to reconstruct my legs.

    This tragedy sparked an incredible amount of enthusiasm for recovery. I became obsessed with learning everything I could about strength and range of motion. I studied everything I could, talked to several different doctors, trainers, and coaches, and trained hardcore. After my legs were bolted back on, recovery became an issue of strength and range of motion. I became the most flexible super heavy weight strength athlete in the whole world. My case was presented at the World's Physician's Convention in December 1991 by Dr. Erick Johnson. Now I have maximum range of motion and enough strength to lift a Volkswagen."


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